Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom...

We love you Mom, wishing you a wonderful birthday...all our love, Eric, Laura, Henning & Sig
and from your grandchildren...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

Our foul Maine weather didn't 'fowl' our Thanksgiving day plans...Mount Desert Island was buffeted by a wind storm on Tuesday evening that left us without power for the better part of a day and a half. With a 62 mph wind gust recorded in Bar Harbor, we were lucky to have our power restored by late Wednesday evening to begin meal preparations.

We were joined on Wednesday afternoon by Grandma & Grandpa Reinholdt, who brought not only armfuls of food and treats but the skills of many a Thanksgiving meal to our kitchen of novices. The first version of trussing the turkey was borderline S&M, but we worked out something a little less violent in the end.

The meal was a wonderful coda to a day spent cooking together, visiting with Kim, Patrick and the guest of honor, Hunter for his first Thanksgiving meal. The video below shows him clearing the runway for the meal to come. On Friday, our annual hike was shortened a bit by a road closure and ultimately a sideways sleet. We warmed ourselves by playing RockBand, eating leftovers with the Howells and quenching our thirsts back at the Longhouse. Hunter proved his genetic line by sleeping through searing versions of 'Blackened', 'Dead or Alive', and 'Down with the Sickness', all but the 10th reprise of 'Eye of the Tiger'. He did throw metal in his crib though, that's a fact.

Saturday's hike up Bald Mountain more than made up for our short trip on Friday, the weather was near perfect. Thanks to Mom & Dad; Kim, Patrick & Hunter; for making the long journey to Maine to share the weekend with us. For all our family and friends we couldn't be with, we hope to see you soon.

working it out

mom & dad...young lovebirds


advent calendars

our sig...


the millennium falcon

beech cliffs + sleet on the camera

thanks dad...best of health

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jedi 2.0

Halloween 2008
Ledgelawn Avenue in Bar Harbor...two Reinholdt Jedis join one Howell Jedi for a sugar fueled romp about the town. Sig still thinks it's Halloween and asks if we can go trick-or-treating on a nightly basis.

Friday, October 17, 2008

No sleep 'til


Four Reinholdts joined three Ermlichs in NYC this past weekend, we enjoyed every minute. Mom & Dad treated all of us to a day at the Bronx zoo on Sunday. The tigers were a favorite as were the skycars and a colorfully narrated monorail ride through the park.

In awe...

Butterfly exhibit

eyes to the skies

navigating the subways

a park in kim & patrick's greenpoint neighborhood

hunter & henning...owning the slides

" stay behind the yellow line at all times"

exceedingly difficult hay maze

sig & dad on the monorail

tiger sighting

me and my girl and patrick massaging my head

sig and his mum

not related to us